Sunday, August 21, 2016

Hedges kitties update

Hi Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose. Life is so good in the Hedges kitty household that you'll see us sleeping in the sun or enjoying snacks which Mum prepares for us. 
Cousin Tipsy is enjoying a run-around while we three Marquard Moggies sleep in the afternoon sun in the bedroom
Dad Ginger and I sleep in the morning sun, while Tipsy is in his bedroom with a wall heater to keep him warm

Unca Shadow and Aunty Chappie weren't in any photos when I checked Mum's laptop for the week but I'm sure I'll post about them next week again.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016

All manner of critters and other beings

As the winter is nearing its end, the rainy season critters are emerging: i.e. our resident frog; the horses in the paddock next to the golf course and of course birds. 
The Hedges frog made its appearance last week again
The African Hoopoe silhouetted on a roof near Rina's home in the retirement village

The Red-throated Wryneck - which is so similar to the woodpeckers which were prolific near our home in Tanzania
The Little Grebe on the dam near Hole no 5 on the golf course
The Crowned Lapwing
My crazy Labrador and the ancient Jack Russel
Some wildflowers emerging in the warmer weather
The same Lab dipping in the cold water...
...waiting for Eddie (who's off-screen)...
...approaching the horses...

...greeting the friendly mare
We met up with a group of ladies going home
Grant test-driving one of the four-wheeler (quads) he'd repaired
I hopped on the back and we gave Skabenga a good run home
Note Eddie ahead of the pack
At home, John brushed Skabenga with a houndspaw
He clutched his play rope in his mouth while he was being groomed - crazy mutt

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Sunrise over the MGO

Yesterday (Thursday) morning I was at the retirement village (Marquard GemeenskapsOord - MGO) at 6.30. I needed to take photos of the sisters in action and also follow the doctor around when he did his weekly rounds at the home. With several other photos which I used in an advertorial in the provincial paper a few months ago, I'll put these photos on disc. I'm on a committee and in a  group called the MGO children. Although every one of us is over fifty, we're known as the oldies' children - merely  for simplicity sake - in this endeavour. We're doing several fundraising projects to assist the centre in upholding its high standards. (more about this later) 
So there I was, earlier than the day sister and photographing the beautiful sunrise. 

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